Aromatherapy  Gift Vouchers available

Aromatherapy features in every treatment & is the art & science of using naturally extracted highly volatile & concentrated essential oils from a wide range of botanical sources, to restore balance & promote physical & emotional health. Essential oils are highly aromatic volatile substances, with their own natural (but complex) chemical make up & their individual scents contribute significantly to their natural therapeutic value. Click to find out more. 

Reflexology £40 – £55 Block booking/loyalty discounts

Safe natural & deeply relaxing combination of gentle massage & pressure applied to reflex areas on the feet (and hands) that correspond to organs nerves & glands. Creates direct positive reaction in organs & systems, through circulatory & nervous system, to restore physical & emotional balance & to facilitate natural healing in the body. Alleviates many symptoms including side effects from medication & inflammation, water & waste retention, pain, spasm & anxiety & depression.

Pre Natal / Pregnancy / Post: There is much research to support that Reflexology balances hormones & regulates menstruation & ovulation, eases problems in pregnancy from 14 weeks (due to hormonal changes & deficiency in vitamins & minerals) & helps achieve a natural labour time. Helps with lower back pain & fatigue & sleep patterns & general anxiety.  After birth, Reflexology helps re-balance hormone levels.

For Children/teenagers: Helps alleviate stress from changes in circumstances either at home or school. (Around 1 in every 200 children under 12 yrs suffers from depression, hyperactivity, poor appetite, food allergies & mild obsessions/compulsions). Reflexology helps improve sleep patterns & reduces anxiety from teenage exams. Also helps reduce incidences of inflammatory skin disorders. Treatments conducted with a parent/guardian present & can take place in the familiar surroundings of your child’s own home if appropriate.

Advanced Spinal Reflexology: A technique with depth of focus on stimulation of the spinal reflexes, which represent not only the spine but the central nervous system & whole body through nerve roots of individual vertebrae. A precision sophisticated treatment on a deeper level to help alleviate effects of stress on musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive & nervous/ hormonal systems. Click for more information & prices.

Therapeutic Massage  £40 – £55 Block booking/loyalty discounts

Advanced therapeutic massage with Acupressure & gentle joint mobilisation techniques promotes smooth flow of blood, lymph & soothes the nervous system. Increases vital energy & helps restore physical & emotional balance.

Ancient Traditional Chinese medical theory describes special acupressure points that lie along meridian channels, throughout our bodies. These are the same energy meridians as those used in acupuncture but, although they follow the same principle, Acupuncture & Acupressure have very different methods.

Instead of using needles, gentle but specific pressure is used on acupressure points during a massage with essential oils. This helps to restore the natural balance of subtle energy (or QI in Chinese) which, when disturbed, often results in a variety of common ailments & pain.

After 14 weeks, massage in pregnancy is highly beneficial as the body is constantly adjusting itself as baby grows. Massage with Aromatherapy helps relieve aching joints & muscles. Promotes physical & emotional wellbeing.

Although a single treatment now & then will be of benefit, I recommend regular sessions – especially for specific problems – or as preventative treatments for many common physical ailments e.g. back & neck pain, headaches, migraine, urinary, digestive, circulatory & respiratory problems – and, of course, emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, depression etc. Click for more information & prices.

Chakra Balancing with Reiki £40 Block booking/loyalty discounts

REIKI is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki creates deep relaxation & allows the Body Mind to start its self-healing mechanism, by supporting the Endocrine system. It helps with irratic sleep patterns (even insomnia), addictive behaviour, acute trauma & pain through injury & chronic conditions: e.g. asthma, high blood pressure, eczema, migraine, headaches. It is the laying on of hands to draw upon & channel Life Force Energy from the Universe, to restore balance to the ever changing human energy field (Aura) & energy centres (Chakras). These store our physical, mental & spiritual functions. When balanced, they will allow the body to self-heal, in whatever way it needs. Enhanced when using crystals that are placed on the 7 Major chakras of the body. Chakra’s own vibrations interact with crystals’ vibrations.

Embracing East & West, Reiki complements Orthodox healthcare. (Very beneficial in reducing side effects from drugs used in surgery & chemotherapy). It may be safely used on the very elderly, the very young, on those who are very sick or receiving palliative care. Even our pets can benefit from Reiki! Click for more information & prices.

Baby Massage Courses  £65.00 (5 week course)

Baby massage has been a long standing parenting tradition in many cultures, such as India and Africa. It was introduced to the western world around 30 years ago and had gained in popularity in the UK since the late 1990’s.

The courses teach parents a sequence of rhythmic strokes and soothing holds which have been developed & refined over many years. The four main areas of benefit are:

  1. Interaction & bonding
  2. Relaxation
  3. Relief
  4. Stimulation

Gift Vouchers Available for Group Courses, Private Courses & One-To-One Courses. A great idea for a unique gift for new parents.

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