Secret of Enhanced Couch Treatments

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Nobody is flat and so can never be truly comfortable lying on the flat surface of a treatment couch. I can perform my best therapeutic massage couch treatments when my clients are nestled into my unique 3 piece interlocking body cushion. They get maximum comfort, whether lying prone, supine or on their side, because of its specially bonded foams, including heat sensitive memory foam, that contours to each body shape. Fully adjustable; clients of all sizes can feel like they’re floating on air, with perfect neck and spine alignment and no pressure to female breast tissue or male sensitive areas. The soft and comfortable face saver means there are no breathing restrictions, caused by pressure to the sinuses when lying face down, and no red ring on the face. It’s great for arthritic clients too because it relieves pressure from those areas of discomfort in the shoulders, elbows, hips & coccyx. NHS approved, it can be used for the following post surgical applications: breast surgery & augmentation, masectomies, back, hip, neck, abdominal & eye surgery – including retina surgery. After all, the idea is to enjoy the Aromatherapy treatment & drift away to that special place in your mind’s eye!

Mature woman lying on treatment table (focus on flowers in foreground)


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