Reflexology Wish List

Friday, April 27th, 2018

My professional goal for 2018 – I’ve finally done something I’ve wanted to do for years!

I’ve signed up for a holistic Reflexology qualification, starting in May. It will take some months but it’ll be worth all the hard work – not least commuting to London every month!  I’ll be needing volunteers to be case studies & the good news is that I won’t be allowed to charge a fee until I’m qualified, so let me know if you’re interested in a course of FREE treatments!

Reflexology is an amazing therapy. It works on the concept that the feet (and hands) are maps of the body and certain areas correspond with all our major organs. It works on the same principle as Acupressure massage therapy, so it’s very holistic and will sit well with my other therapies. Reflexology is a wonderful way of maintaining wellbeing and it stimulates the body’s natural healing ability to overcome many physical & emotional conditions e.g.

Allergies / Arthritis / Asthma / Muscle & Back pain / Blood Pressure /IBS Constipation /Diabetes /Eczema /Frozen Shoulder /Gynaecological disorders /Hay Fever /Insomnia /Knee problems /MS /Stress disorders  /Depression /Sinusitis / Respiratory disorders /Lack of energy  /Hormonal problems /Thyroid imbalance /Fibromyalgia /Neck pain. 

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