Orange Blossom Organic Hydrolat Mist

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Price: £24.95

Hydrate & Refresh your skin, naturally by Tanzanite Blue. In stock. Free delivery. Mediterranean Citrus aurantium var. 125ml. Pure organic floral water to re-balance & restore. Free of additives, preservatives, or alcohol.


Product Code: TB001OB

Product Description

Aromatherapy quality floral water Mist.

Hydrolats are collected naturally, using only local mountain spring water, during the steam distillation process of pure, organic, essential oil production. Water is run through the plant material many times. This method gives a particularly concentrated Hydrolat & contains the active hydrosoluble parts of the essence. They are suitable for all ages, those with sensitive skins & people debilitated by illness.

Renown for effective skin care generally – due to its cleansing, hydrating, balancing & restoring actions – especially on sallow or impure skin. Ideal for gentle aromatic care to refresh, re-balance & de-stress the skin.

Like all the Hydrolat ranges, this is great for refreshing tired overheated feet or for cooling & refreshing you by spraying lightly over the face & neck whilst on the move, stuck in traffic in a hot car or, even worse, crammed like sardines on the tube in the summer. Ideal to help manage symptoms of Menopause. Great to keep in your pocket or desk at work. Store in a cool place after opening for best results.

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