Calendula & Chamomile Light Face Cream

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

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Cool & soothe inflamed skin conditions like acne and even Psoriasis. In stock. Free delivery. Light texture with a very pale blue colour. 60ml.


Product Code: TB011SCJ

Product Description

Sweet, woody, fresh & balsamic. Calendula & Johoba Herbal oils, with Wheatgerm vegetable oil & essential oils of German Chamomile & Sandalwood. A creamy, light texture, blended from only pure & organic aromatherapy quality plant & herb extracts.

German Chamomile (from the flowering head of the plant & also known as “blue gum”) is one of the most important essential oils for the skin, especially when it is inflamed and sore. Helps to soothe & heal skin conditions such as acne, spots, broken capilliaries & even Psoriasis. Its natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, deep cleansing action helps the skin to heal itself naturally, without interaction with harsh chemicals. It can be useful too for helping to heal old scars & is an ideal, gentle after sun soother. Therapeutically it is amazing!

Store in a cool place. The Wheatgerm oil acts as a natural anti-oxidant.

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  1. Carly Buck says:

    I have recently been suffering quite badly these past few months with a flare up of psoriasis on my legs so thought i would purchase the Calendula,Chamomile and Sandalwood cream from here and give it a try. I would just like to highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from psoriasis or in fact any type of dry/inflamed skin conditions. I have been using this cream for just under 2wks now and have seen a massive change already, the redness has faded and the dryness has improved immensely. Thank you so much Daniele this is an amazing product.

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