Frankincense For December

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

As December marches on and Christmas will soon be upon us, my oil of the month has to be Frankincense, with its rich, balsamic, camphoraceous and slightly citrus aroma. The oil is extracted from the hardened orange-brown resin or gum of this small tree, which is native to the Middle East and North Africa. Presented as a gift to the baby Jesus, this essential oil is mentioned no less than 22 times in the Bible. Its most important action must be on the nervous system and is an excellent therapeutic tool in the treatment of nervous tension and exhaustion; both of which are quite common in my clients presenting at this time of year. It smooths the flow of stagnant energy, which presents as irritability, insomnia, excessive worry and feelings of being overwhelmed. Instead it “deepens the breath” and can help relieve “tightness” in the chest through its pain relieving action. It is applicable too for menstrual, rheumatic and epigastric pain and helps to strengthen the body’s own immunity. Emotionally, an ideal essential oil to blend for massage therapy, when we are oppressed by the mundane or tied to the past or weighed down by any form of over attachment. Frankincense can help us to “break free”!



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