Non-Practitioner Courses

“Learn something amazing this year!  These Workshops are interactive fun
(no “death by Powerpoint” involved) but you will learn a lot, too!” – Daniele Robson

We have two permanent, non-practitioner courses and Vouchers are available for these unique gifts:

  1. Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Workshop – (1 day)
  2. Introduction to Massage Therapy Workshop – (2 days)

A Non-Practitioner Course is for someone who doesn’t necessarily want a career in the skill, but would like to be able to use what they learn on friends and family.

Who are The Non-Practitioner Workshops aimed at?

non-practitioner-coursesBoth are ideal for either complete beginners, or as refreshers. They provide introductory knowledge & skills for those who want to use Aromatherapy & Massage Therapy safely & more effectively on family & friends. They may even inspire you to seek out an accredited Practitioner’s qualification course!

Do I have to bring someone or can I attend alone?

Either is fine. If attending my 2 day Therapeutic Massage workshop on your own, you will be teamed up with someone on the day, so that you can both experiencing giving & receiving a full body massage.

Attainment / Course Manuals

For both Workshops you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. You will also be given a bound, hard copy course manual on the day. These are included in the price of each Workshop.


Hot & cold drinks & biscuits plus a light lunch of sandwiches are included in the price of each Workshop. You are welcome to bring your own cold lunch if you prefer / have specific dietary needs. There is a fridge available.

Days, Venue and Times  

Workshops are arranged on demand, and can be run on any day of the week at the Tanzanite Blue Holistic Centre at: 54 Fern Way, Watford, Hertfordshire. They always start promptly at 9.30 am until 4.30 pmIf you are interested in a course please call me on 07491 982268.

Gift Vouchers: Perfect & Unique Gifts

Both Workshops make lovely gifts. Gift Vouchers are available on request for each workshop.

Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy – Workshop (1 day)

aromatherapy-courseDiscover the delights of pure, organic essential oils & enjoy creating your own therapeutic massage blend plus your own cream blend to take away with you. A fun interactive Workshop packed with fascinating information that will give you confidence to use Aromatherapy on your family.

At the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • What essential oils are, where they come from & how the best quality oils are produced
  • What Aromatherapy is & how it works physically & emotionally
  • Various methods of applying essential oils in Aromatherapy
  • How to buy & store essential oils
  • The therapeutic benefits of carrier (vegetable oils) and 10 essential oils on the skin, musculo/skeletal, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive & urinary systems
  • How to safely & holistically blend your very own essential oil blends for massage & a 60ml. jar of cream to benefit you, or someone in your family, on both physical & emotional levels
  • How to confidently give & receive a therapeutic hand massage

Workshop Price: £79.00

Includes:  Refreshments, lunch, course manual, massage blend to use in Workshop & 60ml jar of blended cream to take home.

Attendance: I prefer to work in small groups to ensure individual attention – Min. 4 people / Max. 6 people

Next Course: Please enquire by email at: or phone 07491 982268 

Introduction to Massage Therapy Workshop – (2 days Practical)

massage-therapy-courseThis fun Workshop will give you plenty of time, over 2 consecutive days, to discover some basics of our anatomy & how regular full body therapeutic massages can maintain overall wellbeing. This is a wonderful way to work with someone else & experience giving & receiving a basic, safe & effective, full body therapeutic massage, for personal use – maybe for the first time (so no previous experience is needed)!

At the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • The basic features of our skeletal system & muscle groups in the back, neck & shoulders, arms, legs & face
  • The contraindications to massage
  • How to safely blend essential oils in a carrier oil for a massage blend, to use in this Workshop
  • How to give a basic, full body massage (1. back, 2. neck & shoulders, 3. arms, 4. legs & 5. face & scalp) to family & friends safely, using a range of basic massage techniques. This is initially broken down in sections, to enable you to practice each of the 5 formations on each other
  • As well as learning all this, you will have received a wonderful full body therapeutic massage on Day 2!

Workshop Price: £150.00

Includes: Refreshments, lunch, course manual & essential oil massage blend to use in Workshop.

Attendance: I prefer to work in small groups of just 2-4 people, to ensure individual attention & maximum benefit to all who attend.

Next Course: Please enquire by email at: or phone 07491 982268   


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