Aromatherapy Tips with Eucalyptus and Lavender

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

No 1: Put several drops of E u c a l y p t u s essential oil on the floor of your shower in the morning to create a refreshing and rejuvinating “steam”. Just breathe in the vapours and feel refreshed and ready for your day. This is very beneficial when nursing a cold and when you have to keep going and just get on with your day.
No 2: You may not be able to fill your bath with these beautiful flowering tops but you can add about 12 drops of organic L a v e n d e r essential oil for a wonderful therapeutic “soak”. This essential oil lowers blood pressure, is highly anti-inflammatory & has wonderful anti-viral properties and will help you have a peaceful sleep. It certainly lives up to its reputation of being the “R e s c u e R e m e d y” of the aromatic world. Enjoy!

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