Amazing benefits of massage therapy

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Massage therapy benefits every major system throughout the body and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Regular massage therapy helps us take responsibility for the maintenance of our own wellbeing:

The skin: Massage improves skin elasticity, removes dead skin cells and carries nutrients to the skin and internal organs through the use of organic essential oils which enter the blood stream.

Musculo-skeletal & circulatory system: Over exertion or trauma causes muscles to contract and tighten too much against bone and joints, which constricts blood flow, causes cramping and results in overall poor posture- which in turn can restrict breathing and lung capacity. Massaging muscle fibres through various stretching and relaxing massage techniques, releases muscle constriction, promotes the flow of oxygen by the uptake of red blood cells from bone marrow and fluid to the joints, removes toxins such as lactic acid that causes pain and helps reduce joint friction and muscle tearing that can occur through overuse. The overall result is better mobility and lower blood pressure. On the flip side, if someone is bedridden and immobile, gentle massage can improve muscle tone and help prevent bed sores.

Respiratory, Nervous & Endochrine systems: Massage promotes deeper breathing, because it improves the condition of the muscles between our ribs. It also improves the efficiency of our nerve impulses that transmit messages to our brain. Therefore the pleasure of massage can override pain, because positive messages travel to the brain faster than negative ones. Those positive feelings are brought about through receiving a healing touch, warmth, comfort, emotional and physical stillness. So the experience of massage therapy counteracts the negative effects of adrenaline, the hormone released during a “fight or flight” response, associated with trauma. Instead it creates Endorphins, the body’s natural hormones, which give us feelings of overall wellbeing.

Lymphatic & Urinary systems:  Massage helps lymphatic drainage from body cells via our lymph nodes, which improves its overall circulation and the removal of toxins throughout the body, by promoting the urge to urinate. This helps to boost our natural immunity too, because massage promotes production of natural antibodies which give us immunity.

Digestive system: Gentle massage directly to the stomach area helps the digestive process which can be disrupted when we are stressed, giving rise to common disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and general discomfort and pain. Massage reduces the toxicity of urine and faeces and promotes elimination of waste from the body.













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